AmigaAMP (2.13) released

Date 26-Dec-2004 12:14:11
Topic: Software News

Thomas Wenzel has released a small update to his MP3 player AmigaAMP for both 68K and OS4.

Changelog since 2.12:

It's Christmas Time! :)

Ok, just bugfixing this time and no new features but that's better than nothing, isn't it? OS4 users might be interested in the revised mpega.library support so that it now works correctly with libmad as well. Directories containing brackets are no longer rejected when trying to add them to the playlist and an ID3 reading bug after using the prefs program is gone as well.

For further information and access to the discussion boards, please visit the AmigaAMP website.

Download AmigaAMP (2.13) (541KB LHA) and OS4 owners will also need the Updated Prefs Utility (27KB LHA)

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