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Date 31-Dec-2004 12:59:02
Topic: Internet News

Just a quick note to inform that we are still updating Amiga Demoscene Archive and have now reached 430 productions. Since the last news here on AW, the following productions have been added:

- Profanity / Darkside
- Hyper / Focus Design and Scoopex
- Das EFX / Scoopex
- Lech / Freezers
- Torque / Scoopex
- The Sign / Scoopex
- Voyage / Razor 1911
- R.o.m / Essence
- Death Trial / Mandkind
- Wicked Sensation / TRSI
- We will smash u / TRSI
- 2998z / Darkage
- Toltec 9 / Subspace

In the meantime, the logo-gallery contains 112 wonderful logos. Planet Potion is still ruling the charts, in fact it has never left it's top 1 spot from the day it was added on A.D.A. Megademo 8 by Kefrens has settled in 2nd position and Ephidrena's 4k Big! in 3rd place.

And for everyone interested in amiga demo coding, a lot of interesting discussions have been started in the A.D.A forum so anyone interested in amiga demo coding should find a lot of interesting discussions going on there.

See you in 2005

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