SDK Browser Version 0.95 RELEASED

Date 11-Jan-2005 8:51:23
Topic: Software News


The second PREVIEW release of The SDK Browser for AmigaOS4 has been released to the public. Version 0.95 PREVIEW sports several new features and improvements over the previous version.

o Programmable "HIDEKEY"
o Status bar
o Menus
o Improved auto-command searching, for those pesky naming exceptions.
o Fixed layout problem in the GUI
o Improved The SDK Browser's ability to remember and reopen its window
in the same position and size as when it was hidden or iconified.
o Added a new "View File" feature, which allows you to quickly open any text
file into The SDK Browser's Text Viewer.
o Optimized build. This version is less than HALF the size of the previous release.
At about 95KB instead of nearly 210 KB!
o Much more.

Register your copy today and get a FULL version of The SDK Browser v2.0 (US $24.95) for FREE!

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