AmiMSN (1.0 WIP) released

Date 11-Jan-2005 15:15:09
Topic: Software News

AmiMSN is an MSN messenger client for the Amiga.

It is written in AREXX and uses rexxreqtools.library, rxsocket.library, rexxdossupport.library and rexxsupport.library.

It has been compressed into an executable for easy use.

AmiMSN is the only MSN messenger client for the Amiga that supports the ability to send and receive files. It uses the MSNFTP protocol to accomplish this. Sender must not be behind a firewall.

It spoofs as MSN Messenger 6.2 for maximum compatibility.

It is primarily a console client, but has been coded to allow any IRC client to act as it's GUI. It is similar to BitlBee but adheres a lot more closely to RFC 1459 for compatiblity with most IRC clients.

Some recent changes include since (1.0rc5):
  • Fixed: Now works with all .NET passports. (Previously only worked with accounts)
  • File transfer via MSNFTP support added. Sender must accept inbound connections. If you are using this through WinUAE and have Norton Antivirus 2005, you NEED to completely disable Norton Internet Worm Protection before you can send files.
  • Changed: AmiMSN.cfg now requires you set a default initial status, or you may start AmiMSN with an argument.
  • Fixed: ReadCList() function couldn't parse a contact that was pending authorization and not in your forward list. This also cause the DETAILS command to crash AmiMSN when it encountered this.
  • Fixed: ADDUSER would crash AmiMSN if you tried adding someone who was in your database but not on your forward list.
  • Fixed: ADDUSER would crash AmiMSN if you tried to add someone who was already in your contact list.

Download AmiMSN 1.0WIP (22KB LHA)

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