GoldED Studio "Developer Edition" released

Date 11-Jan-2005 22:07:06
Topic: Software News

GoldED Studio "Developer Edition" is a specially priced edition of GoldED for software developers and C/C++ beginners: It includes the latest GoldED editor and all C/C++ development-related components. This is the ideal package if you need a powerful + affordable solution for software development.


O integrates with gcc, vbcc, StormC and SAS/C compilers
O installs several popular free compilers for you (variants of gcc and vbcc)
O supports development for AmigaOS, PowerUP, WarpOS and MorphOS platforms
O many unique features for developers:
- look-up OS symbols and autodocs quickly
- GoldED can show a list of all functions in your source code
- syntax highlighting for all OS symbols
- syntax highlighting for parenthesis
- shows prototypes for functions under cursor while you are typing
- make console: navigate to compile errors with a mouse click
- set options for vbcc and gcc comfortably in dialogs, with online help
- automatically generates projects and makefiles
- switch between compiler variants easily
- cross-compile software for MorphOS on your classic Amiga or PC
- highly configurable (add quick links to OS documentation etc.)

With GoldED "Developer Edition", you can have your first C project created and compiled in ten minutes. Even if you have never used a C compiler before.

The regular retail price of this package is 39.90 EUR + p&p. During the introductory period, the price is only 29.90 EUR (only via the promotional link listed below, offer ends 14/Jan/05, while supply lasts).

GoldED Studio web site
Promotional offer

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