Amiga Club members receive T-shirts

Date 17-Jan-2005 15:23:54
Topic: News

Official announcement here.

Many people who joined the ?I am Amiga Club? in 2002 report that (after a period of well known financial difficulties surrounding Amiga Inc, before the recent takeover by KMOS Inc) these members have finally received their long delayed club shirts from Amiga Inc.

Update: HMetal pointed out that Amiga has now officially acknowledged that the T-shirts are shipping:

(17-Jan-2005) Amiga is happy to announce the long awaited t-shirts have shipped and should be arriving as you read this message. Garry Hare, CEO of KMOS and Amiga, said, "It's about time, isn't it?"

Prior to shipping Amiga Inc. constructed as accurate a mailing list as possible.

Happy New Year - The Amiga Team

Picture 1 - Amiga Club T-shirt
Picture 2 - Close up of Amiga Club shirt logo / printing

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