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AmigaWorld - Amiga Community Portal

Elbox aggressive pricing on Mediator PCI busboards

Date 18-Jan-2005 10:13:35
Topic: Hardware News

Following the very attractive pricing for the DRAGON Coldfire, the new generation PCI/AGP busboard combined with a CPU card, Elbox Computer introduces aggressive prices for MEDIATOR PCI busboards.

Effective today, the MEDIATOR PCI busboards, the best PCI expansion for Amiga computers, will be available for up to 120 EUR below their previous price points.

New MEDIATOR pricing for customers from European Union is as follows (VAT included, prices in EUR):

MEDIATOR 1200SX 199.95 EUR (was: 289.95 EUR)
MEDIATOR 1200LT4 149.95 EUR (was: 249.95 EUR)
MEDIATOR ZIV 169.95 EUR (was: 269.95 EUR)
MEDIATOR 4000D 259.95 EUR (was: 349.95 EUR)
MEDIATOR 4000Di 199.95 EUR (was: 289.95 EUR)
MEDIATOR 3/4000T 179.95 EUR (was: 299.95 EUR)
MEDIATOR 3000D 259.95 EUR (was: 349.95 EUR)

New MEDIATOR pricing for non-European Union customers is as follows (VAT excluded, prices in US$):

MEDIATOR 1200SX $215.95 (was: $309.95)
MEDIATOR 1200LT4 $162.95 (was: $266.95)
MEDIATOR ZIV $182.95 (was: $287.95)
MEDIATOR 4000D $279.95 (was: $373.95)
MEDIATOR 4000Di $215.95 (was: $309.95)
MEDIATOR 3/4000T $195.95 (was: $319.95)
MEDIATOR 3000D $279.95 (was: $373.95)

About Mediator:
The Mediator PCI busboard line is designed to enable expansion of Amiga computers with a wide range of high-performance, low-cost PCI cards. The following PCI cards are already supported in Mediator busboards: Voodoo5, Voodoo4, Voodoo3, Voodoo Banshee, S3 VirgeDX and S3 Virge PCI graphic cards; Spider Hi-Speed USB 2.0 cards; Fast Ethernet 100Mbps and Ethernet 10Mbps PCI network cards; Sound Blaster 4.1 digital, Sound Blaster 128 and ForteMedia FM801-based sound cards; TV tuner cards.

Mediator busboards are available for the following Amiga models:
Amiga 1200 in tower: MEDIATOR 1200SX, MEDIATOR 1200LT4
Amiga 1200 with Z-IV: MEDIATOR ZIV
Amiga 3000D in tower: MEDIATOR 3000D
Amiga 3000T (original): MEDIATOR 3/4000T
Amiga 4000D (desktop): MEDIATOR 4000Di
Amiga 4000D in tower: MEDIATOR 4000D
Amiga 4000T (original): MEDIATOR 3/4000T
Any Amiga with Z-III: MEDIATOR 3/4000T

To purchase the product online visit the Elbox Online Store for European Union customers or for customers from other countries.

Enjoy leading-edge engineering and best supported PCI busbords at new cost-effective prices!

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