FPL Ghostscript 8.50 released for 68k AmigaOS and x86-AROS

Date 27-Jan-2005 21:49:09
Topic: Software News

This is a major release of AFPL Ghostscript, and for maximum compatibility the binary is a 68020 no-fpu build as FPU builds can cause problems on emulators.

This should run on all systems that are 68k AmigaOS compatible.

This version of Ghostscript contains a lot of new rendering code not present in any earlier versions of Ghostscript.

The rendering is also very fast, and includes new optimisations for rendering fonts at very low resolutions. So the rendering is better and faster than in any earlier Ghostscripts.

The 68k build contains the Turboprint driver which I debugged for AFPL Ghostscript 8.00.

The x86-AROS port is for i386 upwards.

For people who dont know what Ghostscript is:

Ghostscript (both AFPL and GNU) is a cross platform program for viewing + printing + converting Postscript and PDF files. And it achieves a high amount of compatibility with current PS + PDF documents on the internet.

This port contains my own truecolour and HAM8 viewers. It also contains the viewers I wrote for grayscale, black and white as well as 8-bit colour and will run on both AGA and graphics card systems.

You can use it also to convert PS to PDF as well as PS and PDF to jpeg, png, and various other formats.

Michael Merkel has verified that the program runs completely correctly on the AmigaOne and has printed via Turboprint on the A1.

Download the program from:


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