AmigaOS DevContest Kicks off!

Date 14-Feb-2005 13:53:57
Topic: News

Brave AmigaOS coders stand up!

So you think AmigaOS is great? Then bring some great products to it!
This is your chance to contribute to AmigaOS and put your name into the hall of fame. You'll get popularity, recognition from the community and last but by no means least, you'll get the hardware to run your beloved new AmigaOS on.

This contest was made to help the platform by bringing cool products to it. Its here to help you
to work for something and create the best program of all. This is why there are strict rules and there is a validation process in order to enter.
Only the best apps will be accepted because the Amiga community deserves the best software.

You are encouraged to form a group if you feel the need to. So you can "hire" coders and betatesters to shape up a great project.
Also consider that when your program is done, you may make it commercial or why not licence it to some Amiga company. Who knows?

What are you waiting for? Go code!

Click here to read more and to enter.

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