PowerPC970MP application note slips out

Date 16-Mar-2005 7:47:54
Topic: Hardware News

For those not in the know, the 970MP is a (not yet released) dualcore PPC chip, which is to have 1MB of L2 cache per CPU-core.

Link to IBM.com's application note

* [Edit] Well it used to be anyway, it's been taken down now and the page that it's on has been restricted. [/Edit] *

Application Note
The dual 64-bit core PowerPC970MP™ (970MP) is the next evolutionary step in the PowerPC 970 family of microprocessors. The higher frequency grade versions of the 970MP consume higher amounts of power than earlier IBM microprocessors do, and that can cause temperature issues. Each 970MP processor core contains a thermal diode used to monitor its operating temperature. The thermal diode must be monitored to ensure that the maximum operating temperature of the 970MP is not exceeded. These thermal diodes used by the microprocessors are unique to the PowerPC architecture and cannot be ‘read’ using standard thermal diode monitoring chips. This paper will discuss the characteristics of the diode and outline the struc-ture of a thermal diode monitoring circuit used to monitor the temperature of the microprocessor’s cores.

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