IOSPIRIT: Spring special promotion with drivers for free

Date 16-Mar-2005 13:36:55
Topic: Announcement

Even before the calendaric beginning of spring, spring has arrived in Germany and at IOSPIRIT. "Time to polish our offers.", we thought. No sooner said than done:

We keep our low special prices of only 9,99 EUR per title until the 31st of March - and add even more to it: as a free extra, fxSCAN and VHI Studio now come with full versions* of our drivers. For fxSCAN that is the IOUSB Scanner Package and for VHI Studio that's the IOUSB DigiCam Package and the VHI RS232 Pack**.

Take advantage of this truely low-priced opportunity and give the gift of software made with love to your computer

* free extra - thus without support, functional guarantee or warranty of any kind. You find the serials of the drivers on the invoice that you are being sent via email as PDF.
** the VHI RS232 pack does not contain Olympus drivers. These are no longer available.

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