Announcing! Total Amiga Magazine - Issue 20!

Date 18-Mar-2005 11:58:25
Topic: Announcement

Thanks to your marvellous support and contributions, Total Amiga Magazine Issue 20 is now back on Schedule!

Here's what's in this fab, packed issue......

All the news from the Amigaworld

AmigaOS 4 Update
Remote Desktop and VNC
ZX Spectrum Emulation
Interview with Eric Schwartz
Interview with Davy Wentzler

2 Micro A1-C Reviews
Canon EOS 300D and 10D Digital SLR Cameras
Wookie Chat
Instant Messaging Roundup (AmigAIM, Jabberwocky, AmiMSN etc.)

Digital Photography Tips
Top Tips: OS 4 Special
Amithlon and Windows Multiboot Tutorial

Projected Release Date is April 16th, full details on Total Amiga Magazine can be found on our Website

Total Amiga Magazine, by Amigans for Amigans

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