New Puzzle game Released for OS4

Date 21-Mar-2005 23:04:34
Topic: Software News

TriMa'gic is a single player board game.
Goal is to remove gems with the same color from the board.

The input slot has four gems that can be placed into the four outer play slots.
A new gem is played by pressing SPACE, the input slot or when the time reaches zero.
You can click on the play slots to move the gems onto the playfield.
The playfield consists of three rings that can be turned clock- or counterclockwise
with left/right mousbutton. The center will turn all three rings.
The goal is to place 3 gems of one color in a row to remove them. The more rows
you remove, the faster a new gem is played. To reduce the gamespeed you can
fill a complete ring in a single color. The most points and speedreduction
you get for the outer ring.

Some bonus items will make your life harder when they appear in the center ;)

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