Follow-up from Garry Hare

Date 22-Mar-2005 0:49:03
Topic: News

As many of you know I don't spend much time on public boards. But when I woke up to full e-mail, jammed cell messages and many of my people pointing me to specific posts, I made an exception and have now spent several hours reading your comments and speculation. I certainly didn't mean to set all this off. My motivation in agreeing to the IRC was clearly my insanity - hopefully temporary. One disadvantage to this means of communication is it does not allow for quick follow-up questions. And, as an aside, the bot cut off some of my best and most controversial comments. But I guess the ones that got through filled that bill.

I would like to "clarify" a couple items. Please appreciate that I cannot and will not violate confidentiality, with anyone. I hope that I am not doing so now.

1. Is Amiga, Inc. planning to kill off AmigaOS 4.0?

No, no, no and NO!

2. Does Hyperion (I refer to AmigaOne Partners) have the right to extend OS 4.0 to say 4.1?

Yes they do. In fact, for you conspiracy theorists, that is the wrong question. Disclosing details of exactly what this means is confidential. Bottom line - they do have that right and I hope this comment doesn't violate our NDA.

3. Will they (extend that is)?

That is a business decision. I would assume If AmigaOne Partners find the market, we all hope to see, this decision is obvious.

4. Do I have AmigaOS 4.0, do I have an Amiga computer, do I know how to turn it on? And, if I have it, what do I think of it?

Yes I have OS 4 running on an Amiga and elsewhere (that ought to start a new thread). As an aside it was pretty difficult for us to get delivery in the US., even after pre-paying. I have brought this issue to Eyetech. I turned it on all by myself and am currently figuring out how to turn it off.

I think Hyperion's work is very impressive. Particularly so when you consider the limited resources available the Frieden bothers, and many other developers, have to work with. As an aside, the Frieden brothers are very talented and yes I like them. I release them from any confidentiality if they wish to comment on me.

And yes, AmigaOS 4 has utility in markets beyond the desktop.

5. Will AmigaAnywhere be on OS 4.0, when, who pays?

We hope 1.5 and future versions will be. It makes sense to me. Remember, we released 1.5 last week. Hyperion is pretty busy getting 4.0 to all of you. If Hyperion wants it, it will be there. And we do the work. We pay and do the work for all AA enabled devices and to be honest we have a minimum installed threshold before proceeding. This minimum does not apply to AmigaOne and AmigaOS 4.0. It may make sense to wait for next version.

6. What is the best thing any of you can do to support AmigaOS 4.0?

Go buy and AmigaOne and AmigaOS 4.0. If everyone concerned about extensions and the like either has or is buying the AmigaOne, it goes a long way toward those extensions.

7. Does Fleecy still work for Amiga?

He certainly does. In fact, he better be working right now. I make the staffing decisions.

8. What's up with the web site, its design, etc.?

We had to have one aspect of the site ready for a specific reason last week. I suggested the IRC be next Sunday. David pointed out that was Easter (good point). We moved the IRC forward, perhaps we should have moved it back. Knowing that many of you would be our first audience, we added several sections. Like all sites, is a living project. It will change very frequently. In the near term daily. Titles are being added all the time, and the like. Our immediate focus is ease of use.

I did read many of your comments. I agree with some, disagree with others. We will make many changes ( a couple based on your specific feedback) but the site will focus on consumer marketing, most significantly the storefront and front page. As all of our developers know, the devnet portion is being designed with their input.

9. What's with all this AmigaAnywhere talk? Why should anyone care?

For those of you only interested in the desktop, skip this. AmigaAnywhere is not what it used to be (DE). This, and future versions, not only extend the market but as I said, literally change what removable media is and does. It is a big deal to us and some in the industry. Some people really like this whole ease-of-use, cross device, scale anywhere solution. Some of you see it as some sort of distraction. It is not. BTW, I did not mention Capacity Networks in my comments. We are not using them in the solutions we're working one. We very much like what they do. We no longer own them.

10. Would I please disclose our strategy, features lists, partners, plans and the like?


11. Will I be doing another "interview" anytime soon?

I refer you to my "Temporary Insanity" comment above. But if AW asks and it is around a product release, or other major development, I will do so. Other than this note, I won't be on public boards.

12. Finally, several comment like this, "What makes you think you're qualified to be CEO of Amiga or most anywhere else? I don't think you're up to the job."

Believe me, there are numerous days when I agree with you.

My best to all of you. Don't panic things are going pretty good. Robots was good, especially if you are a kid.


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