A.D.A: Breakpoint 2005 releases *updated*

Date 29-Mar-2005 12:37:34
Topic: News

At Amiga Demoscene Archive, 3 productions from the demo competition have been added:
- Ocean Machine / The Black Lotus (1st place demo competition)
- Multiverse / Loonies (2nd place demo competition)
- Step By Step / Funktion (place unknow demo competition)

Absolutely worth checking out! The Loonies demo should even run on OS4, according to the readme which was included with the demo.

============="Old" news=============

At Amiga Demoscene Archive, 4 productions released yesterday at Breakpoint 2005 demo party, have been added:
- Noxie / Loonies (4k intro)
- Lvis / Scarab (4k intro)
- A Dream 2 / Scoopex (64k intro)
- MI 05 / RNO (64k intro)


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