Genesis / Megadrive Plus is here, finally

Date 30-Mar-2005 10:47:19
Topic: Software News

Here is the long awaited Sega Genesis / Megadrive emulator.

As i am in a hurry i cannot write a long text, but please notice
that this is NOT a straight port. Alot of work was needed, and i
also made a MorphOS port, which unfortunately didn´t work straight away, so
i will send the sources back to Charles MacDonald, and any MOS-coder
can try to make a new compile from that code.

Thanks to Toaks for kicking the right butts in the right time, and
to Restore2003 for never letting us down with his banners.

Link is here, snapshots are sent, but not active yet.

Genesis Plus @ OS4Depot

Enjoy, now i'm off for some IceCream in the sun.

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