IOSPIRIT released a great product for MacOS X

Date 8-Apr-2005 12:23:20
Topic: Internet News

IOSPIRIT GmbH has released its new and universal digital image management solution, Picture Arena for MacOS® X on the 30th of March. Of special interest to AMIGA® users, that also own a Mac®, is the broad support for IFF-formats. Included is support for e.g. IFF-ILBM, IFF-RGB8 and IFF-YUVN.
What exactly is Picture Arena?

Picture Arena is the new center of your imaging world. Browse your directories, rework your photos on the fly, manage them in albums, reuse your existing iPhoto(TM) albums, make a speech-driven presentation, work independent of any network and put your digital treasures to use in many new ways. Full of innovations and super fast, Picture Arena lets you create stunning web galleries with eCards and interactive databases without any expert knowledge and just a few clicks, burns up to 9200 pictures on a single CD for convenient viewing on a DVD player, prints contact sheets, letter paper, greeting cards and much more. Taking full advantage of the advanced processor power of the Mac®, you can combine more than 20 amazing effects and operations to dive your photos into vibrant colors, correct skew horizons, add fun effects or create a picture mosaic with your photos being rebuilt by thousands of others. Effects are generally non-destructive and are performed without modifying your original files. Powerful batch operations for renaming (with undo!), reworking, exporting, file format conversion, a compact, thoughtfully designed interface and a great number of smart tools round up this unique and incredibly useful software package that no real graphician should live without. Detailed information on Picture Arena can be found at

Will there be a port of Picture Arena to MorphOS or AmigaOS?

Picture Arena heavily bases on MacOS® X technologies that don't have any counterparts on MorphOS or AmigaOS. A port therefore is impossible.

Where has the AMIGA site gone?

The AMIGA site, for already some time now, has moved to Since there were no other product pages until now, the company domain has redirected to this subdomain until now. With the release of Picture Arena, the redirection has been changed to The AMIGA pages will of course stay online. Regarding the company domain, a portal site is planned for the future, that will then also link to the AMIGA pages.

Further news

The shop system has been reworked from ground up. Orders can now be made much easier and faster - an accout is no longer required. Furthermore IOSPIRIT GmbH now accepts American Express credit cards in addition to Visa and Mastercard. The free bundling of drivers introduced with the last promotion will be kept. The VHI RS232 and IOUSB DigiCam driver packages will be bundled with VHI Studio, the IOUSB Scanner Package will be bundled with fxSCAN respectively. They come for free at no additional cost, but therefore without support and functional guarantee.

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