Integrated development environment for OS4 SDK

Date 25-Apr-2005 14:26:47
Topic: Software News

GoldED's C/C++ components have been updated for the OS4 SDK, giving AmigaOS4 developers a comfortable, integrated development environment.

Features include syntax highlighting for the OS4 API, compiler integration with gcc and vbcc, a dialog to set compiler options with mouse clicks, makefile generation, context-sensitive help for the OS4 API, clickable compiler errors, quick access to the SDK's autodoc documentation and more. The OS4 SDK is included, courtesy of Hyperion Entertainment VOF, giving all developers the opportunity to cross-compile their software for OS4 with vbcc.

(courtesy of Matthew Kille; this is a customized configuration)

The complete C/C++ package and the required servicepack SP26 for the editor (also released today) can be downloaded here:
Files page

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