AmigaEast cancelled for now

Date 1-May-2005 17:45:45
Topic: Events

We regret to inform you all that the AmigaEast Show May 28-29 2005 has been cancelled.

Many people and companies had expressed interest in the show, but the money did not come in to support the $6000 needed to run the show. As a result of not being able to put the additional $2500 prepayment the time slot was sold to another event in the hotel. All the work and logistics had been done, but too little money came in. There is still a possibility one could happen at the end of the year but it looks as though I would need to front most of the money myself. Anyone who gave a credit card # in to order tickets for the show or banquet have not been charged anything and any checks have not been cashed and will be disposed of properly. I would still like to look forward to doing another show in the northeast of the US and am open to ideas.

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