Path 1.2 now for AmigaOS 4.0 only

Date 1-May-2005 21:30:42
Topic: Software News

Alexander Weber informs:
Path-Amiga is an attempt to write a web browser from the scratch. The project started in the second half of 2001. The project has been on hold for some time (since early in 2003), because I waited for the release of AmigaOS4.

This is a complete port to AmigaOS4. I'm afraid that previous versions of the OS will not be supported anymore.

The HTML support is still very basic, so it doesn't make much sense surfing through the Internet with it yet. But this situation should better with the next versions.
Have fun with Path!

* Requirements:

A computer with AmigaOS4

* Features:

o Reaction interface
o Minimal HTML support
o Clipboard support
o Support of DOS files
o Support of HTTP1.1
o Graphical buttons
o Preferences window for changing fonts, colours, GUI
o Graphical printing
o English and german localisation
o Protection against the Pipe security hole

Download: HERE

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