AmigaONE Survey Results

Date 3-May-2005 13:56:15
Topic: hardware OS4

I have finished compiling and checking the survey results, so here they are...

Final Results

2370 valid submissions, from 2475 cast

86 were Duplicates or Bogus

19 were blank or only had text comments

AmigaONE Results

Do you own an AmigaONE? Yes

479 XE/SE

175 MicroA1

40 of these people also own a Pegasos

Other Results - those who don't currently own an AmigaONE.

394 No, and I don't plan to buy one.

732 No, but I plan to buy one within 12months or with the OS4 final release.

187 No, I run will run OS4 on my Blizzard/Cyberstorm PPC only.

223 No, I own a Pegasos and don't plan to buy an AmigaOne.

75 No, I will upgrade my classic Amiga with Ack Control's PPC accelerator.

105 No, I will upgrade my classic Amiga with a SharkPPC.

Thank you to everyone that took the time to fill out the survey. The additional comments will be send to Eyetech and Hyperion. Yes, they have requested them.

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