After four years: ASM-Pro 1.17 is here!

Date 5-May-2005 19:25:53
Topic: Software News

A new version of ASM-Pro is released! Get it here:

Here's the changes:

================= Asm-Pro V1.17 (2-may-2005) =======================

People contributing to this opensource release:
- Franck "Flasher Jack" Charlet.

[FIX] - All libraries calls are now using relevants includes labels
(Also added a couple of required includes).

- Forced the FPU flag for 68040 & 60 so fpu instructions can be assembled
when using these processors and fpu registers are displayed in the regs lists.

- Pasting block of text when the caret is at the bottom of the editor
won't trash it anymore.

- Current line won't be trashed during block marking.

- Fixed some typos here and there.

- Fixed the doubled carets in monitor.

- Fixed start/end save addresses in binary dump.

[NEW] - Current caret address is now displayed in monitor.

- Added the includes files into the sourcecode archive
(dunno if it's legal or not but it makes life easier).

- bm.l command implemented (longwords binary dump).

[MISC] - Renamed executable & sourcecode file from Asm-Pro to AsmPro
(Mostly because it's faster to type).

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