'dev.amiga.hu' is raised from the dead at Amiga.Sourceforge.net

Date 8-May-2005 20:58:15
Topic: Announcement

After posting my sad News about LouiSe dev.amiga.hu, the Amiga developer site that died on the 13th Dec, I`m rather pleased to find out that someone else has taken control of the Database, and it is now hosted on http://amiga.sourceforge.net

The old LouiSe site contained a lot of help based on the Amiga APIs
such as MUI, Autodocs, P96, CyberGFX etc. and also a superb
programming environment hardfile for UAE or a real Amiga based on WB3+

Visit the new site at http://amiga.sourceforge.net/amigadevhelp/

Many thanks to Lajos Nagy for allowing Amigadevhelp to be re-released

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