Terratec Phase28 supported

Date 14-May-2005 22:00:01
Topic: Hardware News

The semi-professional sound card Phase28 from Terratec is now supported on OS4 by an AHI driver made by Davy Wentzler. The card has 2 inputs, 8 outputs, digital in/out and MIDI in/out (see here for more info).

In the AHI driver, everything is supported including MIDI and digital in and out, except using more than 2 analogue outputs. 4 outputs have been tested on a preliminary eXtream driver, however.

The audio controller (Envy24HT) and codec (WM8770) are the same as used on the Terratec Aureon 5.1 Sky and 7.1 Space. The 3 cards therefore share the same driver which will be released on OS4depot one of these days.

Thanks to Timo Kloss for lending me this card.

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