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Date 25-May-2005 16:03:06
Topic: Events

The AmiGBG 2005 website is finally online. Among the news is IBM who will update us on the progress of Power and talk about the new Cell processor. Mikael Kalms of TBL will talk about 3D demo programming in the Developers Pavilion. The booking system including PayPal is now OPEN! 12 EUR in advance or 16 EUR at the door. AmiGBG will take place on the 20th anniversary of the Amiga. 23rd of July 2005.

We've got lots of exciting news lined up for you. More on this later on www.amigbg.com. Join us in the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Amiga Computer! The party after the banquette will continue all night. (Don't forget the extra pair of socks and a snake kit)

See You there!

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