DevContest prize gets bigger!

Date 2-Jul-2005 19:45:36
Topic: Internet News

Hi all,

As we are slowly approaching 5000 hits in this DevContest 2005, first prize gets bigger with now a Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS sound card. This prize is now near 900 Euros. Not bad for a small Community!
This Audigy was offered again by A1 dealer Soft3 (Thanks again Max for your support).

There is a new project in the competition but it is a secret one. It will be revealed later. Yeah I like when there's a bit of mystery.

Note that you have 3 months left to submit a project. It's time to finalise your project feature list and submit it on the contest page.

Also I would like to ask all Amigans to talk about this contest around you. The more you'll speak about it, the more projects will appear. And who will benefit from it ?
Yes, you!
So spread the word!!!

DevContest 2005

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