"OS4 meets PalmOS"

Date 13-Jul-2005 15:18:03
Topic: Software News

PalmOS can now talk to OS4 via a native port of pdalink.library I just uploaded to OS4Depot along with the PdaTime and PdaTransfer utilities.

This is a native OS4-only port and does not include a glue file so it is not currently usable from 68K applications (e.g. Spitfire). I wasn't able to get any sync software to run on OS4 myself so I figure nobody needs the 68k backwards compatibility right now.

I have a Palm IIIe I received as a gift some years ago and I wanted to backup and restore its data using OS4. I already use Spitfire on my 3.x box but that won't run for me on OS4 so I went searching for a solution. Spitfire uses the pdalink.library to do its dirty work and pdalink is GPL (thanks to Richard Koerber) so I ported it. With the included PdaTransfer utility you can perform backups, installs, restores, etc. via the command line.

I've tested it with both of my serial ports on my A1XE. I wiped out my Palm IIIe's memory and restored it with no problems so I'm pretty confident it is working correctly.

I'm still working on making the source code more OS4 friendly so it isn't included yet. I did make some bug fixes along the way as well. When I'm done it will be directly usable from your OS4 SDK with a simple #include .

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