New project "adtools": GCC, GDB and binutils for all Amiga-related platforms

Date 13-Jul-2005 16:12:28
Topic: Announcement

Supervised by well-know Amiga developers like Thomas Frieden, Hans-Jörg Frieden, Olaf Barthel, Anrija Antonijevic, Stefan Burström, Gunther Nikl and Jens Langner, the project "adtools" was created. The goals of the project is to unite future development of the Amiga development tools like gcc, binutils and gdb to a common developer platform. In addition to currently supported platforms like AmigaOS, future support for MorphOS, AmigaOS/68k and AROS should follow.

The CVS repository already contains the current state of development of the AmigaOS4 gcc 4.0.0 compiler package. In addition, new versions of gcc (4.0.1) wil follow later this week, as well as the AmigaOS4 changes for gdb 6.3. Binary packages will be available shortly.

A long-term goal of the project will be the submission of the unified Amiga development tools to the official distributions of the respective tools, gcc, binutils and gdb.

Interested developers of all Amiga colors (AmigaOS4, MorphOS, AmigaOS3, and AROS) are invited to join the project.

The project pages can be found here.

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