MPlayer Dirty Preview #4 Refresh

Date 25-Jul-2005 23:16:03
Topic: hardware OS4

It is now possible to download a new version of mplayer on my site. It is an impreved dirty preview #4, these are the major changes: (read on)

Resolved the Altivec problem on G3 (please report!!!)
Resolved the GetBusKey Error
Removed use of asyncio.library. With Olaf Barthel's clib2 the original mplayer code works very well (almost sure.. :D )
Using mplayer pre7 (plus CVS changes) version. This include many new features and codecs. Look at their site
Removed WPA video driver. It was useless..
Swapped vo_overlay and vo_cgx video drivers. Now it is possible to use mplayer only with filename

Please send a report to me.

Thank you.


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