New Inutilis Horny 1.1 and Audio Evolution 4.0.8 now synchronizable

Date 6-Aug-2005 1:20:24
Topic: Software News

New versions of Horny (OS 4 native MIDI-sequencer) by Inutilis Software and Audio Evolution 4 (OS 4 native audio-sequencer) by Davy Wentzler have been released. Both are supporting the eXtream Sync library for synchronizing now, so MIDI and audio can be used for the same project. Pressing "play" in one application will start both at the identical position (same for all other transport functions, of course).

Inutilis Horny 1.1:
Screenshots and more information at

- added eXtreamSync support for synchronizing with AudioEvolution 4 and other software
- muting individual sequences is possible now
- "Running Status" compression for SMF export implemented
- SysEx import/export with SMF
- SysEx loading/saving from SysEx Manager
- SysEx Manager: Number of Messages are shown in the group list
- "Set Loop around Sequence(s)" function added to "Sequence(s)" menu
- some chapters of manual translated to English (incomplete and old, sorry, but better than nothing??)
- added some instrument files (thanks to Daniel Jedlicka)
...more small changes and several bugfixes

Audio Evolution 4.0.8:
More information and downloads at

- supports eXtream Sync
- Many bug fixes including aux and mastering bugs
- Sample rates above 64 KHz are now possible
- Fixed licensing issues with OS4 update 3
- Added CAMD in/out selection requester

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