D-BOX 1200 Towers Arrive at AmigaKit.com

Date 16-Aug-2005 13:09:05
Topic: Hardware News

The new, stylish D-Box 1200 Amiga has today arrived at AmigaKit.com and is ready for distribution to UK customers.

If you are looking for a modern, spacious tower case for your Amiga 1200, this would be a god choice. It is engineered specifically for the 1200 and can accomodate various busboards. Dragon 1200, Mediator PCI 1200 SX, Mediator PCI 1200 LT4, Mediator PCI 1200, Mediator PCI 1200 LT2 and G-REX 1200. Note: Some busboards require an additional ATX-to-AT converter.

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