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Date 24-Aug-2005 2:27:29
Topic: Software News

The next stable release of AVD's GUI Builder component, v0.3.0.72, is now available in the Members Only area for review by subscribers. This version makes significant strides in the area of manipulating the layout and position of the ReAction objects and maintaining a live real-time view of the changes at the same time. Subscribers should see the instructions link for more details and features list for the new version.

A new version of The SDK Browser containing the first tests of the new intelligent hyper-linking is now also available for subscribers. You can now double-click of any text within the SDK Browser's display that appears to be a function call, and trigger an automatic lookup for that call. If a match is found then the function will be highlighted (but not auto-loaded). Simply pressing "space" or clicking on the newly found name will cause the new function to be displayed. This is a very handy way to move around and follow the "SEE ALSO" suggestions at the bottom of most Autodoc displays.

Further updates of the GUI Builder should be available more quickly now that the core functionality is finally complete.

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