Colem 1.0 ColecoVision Emulator on OS4Depot

Date 27-Aug-2005 17:29:58
Topic: Software News

An OS4 native port of Marat Fayzullin's ColEm Colecovision emulator has been uploaded to OS4Depot.

This version is based on the classic Amiga port by Paul Hill.

The OS4 version is currently being maintained by Bob Wicksall

This archive contains no game roms and please don't ask me where to get them from. I have original carts for all games shown in demo screen shots.

To run the emulator:

colem yourgame.rom


Release History:

- First public release
- No sound in this version
- Added Pause feature (Pause/Break key on US keyboards)

- Display "Turn Game Off" screen when no Cart inserted
- A couple very minor bug fixes

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