Wild Flying Demo Released.

Date 31-Aug-2005 22:52:16
Topic: Software News

Push Entertainment gives you:

Wild Flying an 3d Tunnel racer/shoot em up game for Amiga OS.

This demo/preview is released now because we wanted to give a last little tribute to the Amiga Classic market, the project was cancelled in 2002 we had problems filling up a team motivated enough to work with a game for 68k AGA/RTG.

The Engine was designed for AGA/NTSC mode and one of our goals was a 20fps performance, the engine was nearly completed and holds 3 diffrent weapons and 4 special weapons among other stuff.

This project is dead and we release it now "as it is" as a tribute to the classic Amiga community.
We released this demo now just to show what we made and what is possible to do on classic Amiga hardware for fun.

Enjoy this little game.

More information at+ screenshots at :

Wild Flying

Have fun.

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