New emu10kx and CMI8738 drivers and new Mixer

Date 19-Sep-2005 19:48:48
Topic: Software News

Recently uploaded to OS4depot:

- emu10kx v6.2: This may solve the freezes that people experienced when playing sound together with using ethernet (eth3com). People have transferred several GB of data without a freeze, so it is looking good. An IRQ timer that was set to generate 1000 interrupts per second was changed to 80Hz. It seems that the VIA686B PIC isn't too happy about handling many IRQ's/second.

- CMI8738 v5.12: Can solve some sound crackle issues, especially after Grim Reapers and other situations where only a stop and start of playback could 'solve' the crackling.

- Mixer v1.15: Daniel Westerberg has added extensive ARexx support to Mixer and solved some bugs. Please read the accompanying ARexx.readme for more information.

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Davy Wentzler

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