GNU make for OS4 now with export

Date 28-Sep-2005 15:13:18
Topic: Software News

Over on OS4Depot you'll find an updated GNU make 3.80 with two important features added: environment variable export support and multiple shell support. I also discovered a buffer overflow problem with the tmpnam()-like functions which I hope will resolve any weird behaviour and crashes some people have encountered in the past.

Here is what is different between this version and the one included with the OS4 SDK 51.15 (note the date stamp changes):

- added variable export support
- command environment is now properly controlled which may slow down execution
- removed broken MAKELEVEL global environment variable setting; let me know if it breaks anything
- added MAKESHELL support so the user can choose which shell will be used to execute commands
- leave MAKESHELL unset to use the default AmigaOS shell
- set MAKESHELL to SDK:Local/C/sh to use bourne shell
- fixed the $(shell) function to have consistent behaviour
- updated to clib2 1.195 + tmpnam fix
- compiled with SDK 51.15
- filters out env vars that are not plain ASCII

Please report any problems to my email address or PM me here. I'd like to get OS4 GNU make to the point where it will speed up porting efforts and enable compiling of projects such as AWeb without makefile modications.

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