XNet-RSS on OS4Depot

Date 4-Oct-2005 12:16:03
Topic: Software News

XNet-RSS is a native AmigaOS4.0 RSS News reader.
It has automatic charset convertion and doesn't need any external library.
Could be integrated with any web browser to display RSS news pages.

Available on OS4Depot: XNet-RSS

Read on to see what new features that where added from the 51.3 release

- first public release
- totally redone the Add / Modify / Remove Prefs section
- could be iconified
- could show a scrolling News Bar when iconified
- improved html entities parsing and stripping
- added a workaround for the single '&' chararcter illegally used on some web sites
- redone the about window
- could save position and dimensions of the main window on exit
- some little modification to the gui
- bugs fixing

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