Aminet update - October 2005

Date 4-Oct-2005 20:00:10
Topic: Announcement

It's been a while since last news update. Aminet is alive and kicking as never before. There has been 1089 uploads since February this year where of 295 are for AmigaOS4 and 232 for MorphOS.

We've added quite a few features and fixed quite a few bugs including Web uploading interface (Thanks to Björn Hagström), [url="]customizable RSS feeds[/url], filtering sitewide based on preferred architectures, a daily update mailing list of new uploads and much more:

* (FEATURE) (WEB) Added upload stats
* (FEATURE) (WEB) Even/odd coloring of listings to increase readability
* (FEATURE) (WEB) Rearranged menus to keep them at a minimum, moved RSS, Mailing list and stats to Services menu entry. In addition the RSS and Paypal icons were removed. Support was renamed to Donate.
* (FEATURE) (WEB) Provide customizable RSS-feeds (requested by tokai)
* (FEATURE) (WEB) Sitewide architecture filtering, check the Setup page.
* (BUGFIX) (FTP) Shouldn't be possible to read the priv subdir of the /new dir

* (FEATURE) (MAIL) Added list to subscribe to daily updates on Aminet. Send an e-mail to to subscribe.

Quite a few changes since last time:

* (FEATURE) (WEB) Add HTTP uploading
* (FEATURE) (ADMIN) Add single archive deletion and adding thru admin.php command path/file
* (FEATURE) (ADMIN) Added possibility of overwriting existing files when moderating.
* (FEATURE) (ADMIN) Moves deleted files into a folder instead of deleting them entirely new/priv/refused
* (FEATURE) (ADMIN) You can now flame people at any time during moderation, this is good if you need to advice the uploader while fixing his error
* (BUGFIX) (MIRROR) if you try to add a .readme file it updates the file belonging to the readme and its meta-data
* (FEATURE) (ADMIN) Proper mail aliases should be set up. is our public address. is internal for moderators and is for mirror maintainers and mirror issues. Web server is running at using Exim4, sa-exim, Spamassassin and Mailman.
* (BUGFIX) (ADMIN) Fixed error with spaces in filenames in
* (BUGFIX) (ADMIN) Added fuser check in which should hopefully avoid moving files that are being uploaded. *But is it working properly?* YES! Now it is, by moving the file out of the way instead.
* (BUGFIX) (WEB) File isn't readable/writable by aminet group when uploaded thru web interface.
* (BUGFIX) (WEB) We need the webserver user to be in the www group or make all files writeable by the world. The later is easier as I can do it myself. Reason is so that one can update .readme files etc via web interface.
* (BUGFIX) (DB) Adding MEDIUMTEXT field to listing.listing_content as TEXT was too small for game/role/wesnoth.lha
* (BUGFIX) (ADMIN) Fixed filename length checking
* (FEATURE) (WEB) Show version on listings

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