Miracles happen: A1 onboard audio works!

Date 26-Oct-2005 1:06:36
Topic: hardware OS4

This might come as a shock, but I've uploaded a working via686b onboard audio driver for the AmigaOne! Only the first batch(es) of A1's actually have the AC'97 chip physically on the board.

Update: New VIA686B AHI driver on OS4depot

Unfortunately, it was taken off later on as Eyetech didn't think it was ever going to work. You could just try the driver to see if you have such a chip, but you can also have a look on the motherboard: left to the AGP-port, under the gfx card either is a small Sigmatel chip or an empty square. Most people won't have the chip though.

Some clever guy found out what was wrong. I'll mention him later on if he wants to be mentioned, I'm not sure at this moment if he does. Normally, the BIOS/firmware sets up some registers of the VIA that make it work (ACPI), unfortunately back then we thought it was a hardware issue.

This first version is very basic. It is playback only, has CD-in monitoring, but no volume controls etc. This will come soon in a later version.

If you're lucky to have the AC'97 chip, give it a try. If you'll use it, I would appreciate a small donation of 5 euro to paypal@audio-evolution.com.

Kind regards and thanks to the guy who found out about it in the first place!

Davy Wentzler

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