AHI v6.0 released

Date 22-Nov-2005 17:45:06
Topic: Software News

Martin Blom has released v6.0 of his audio driver software AHI.

There are version for AmigaOS4, AmigaOS3, MorphOS and AROS available.

News & recent changes [Read on]

Here are all the major changes since the last stable release, v4:

o Anti-click mixing routines, which makes AHI search for a zero-crossing before playing a new note
o Playback of 32 bit samples.
o Multi-channel audio. Eight channels are supported.
o Support for four more architectures: MorphOS/PPC, AmigaOS4/PPC, Amithlon/ix86, AROS/ix86.
o Support for PowerPC accelerator cards (MorphOS and AmigaOS4 only).
o A new driver, device.audio, can be used to make all low-level AHI applications, which normally open AHI in exclusive mode, behave as if they used the high-level API which allows several AHI applications to work simultaneously.
o The 68000 processor is no longer supported; a 68020 or better is required.

For a full log of everything that has been updated, see the ChangeLog file below.

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