E3B and individual Computers stop selling hardware

Date 24-Nov-2005 22:54:33
Topic: Announcement

Both companies, who became famous for innovative and powerful hardware expansions for classic Amiga computers, are forced to stop selling hardware until further notice due to changes in German law. No hardware is being shipped within the EU, neither to resellers, nor to direct customers.

According to the national implementation of EU-directive 2002/96/EG into German law (Bundesgesetzblatt 2005 Teil I Nr. 17), every vendor in Germany must be registered with the Stiftung EAR. For vendors from outside Germany, the importer must be registered, in case the vendor himself is not registered in Germany. This law applies to all electronic products that are mentioned in rule EAR 03-011, no matter what country they come from - within or outside the European union.

The new law aims at vendors and importers, who need to take resposibility for the electronic devices if they are discarded at the end of the product's life. Putting electronic devices into circulation without being registered (indicated by a trashcan symbol) is against German law since today, and can be penalized with a monetary fine of up to 50.000,- EUR.

Due to the complicated implementation by German authorities, it's not easy to estimate the consequences and the new obligations created by this law. In addition to that, the extremely high administration effort goes with high fees that must be paid to the Stiftung EAR - especially smaller companies' existance is endangered by the fees that are more than one hundred times higher than the recycling cost itself. individual computers and E3B, who have been developing and producing in Germany for many years, are now evaluating possibilities to comply with the strict rules in a close cooperation, so customers all over Europe can continue to buy top quality products from Germany. Both companies want to act responsible and sustainable in this regard.

Many issues are not yet resolved, therefore both companies cannot continue to deliver hardware to customers and resellers within the European union. Customers outside the EU are not affected by this decision.

We're hoping to proceed with the necessary steps in a timely manner. Unfortunately, the "Stiftung EAR" cannot cope with the bureaucracy created by their own rules, so our registration number is not yet assigned. We are of course interested in continuing to offer innovative products, and will do everything to keep the shortage as short as possible. We're asking for your indulgence for any inconveniences.

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