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Date 25-Nov-2005 18:30:54
Topic: News

Wehrheim, Germany, the 24th of November 2005.
We want to publish the following news:

To AmiWebView :
AmiWebView has left the beta status and it supports now the HTTP 1.1 protocol. At download you can find the new version.

To ANotice 2:
Now a polish catalog is available for ANotice 2. You can download the catalog file at the download area. Special thanks goes to Szymon Tomzik and Sebastian Rosa for the translation.

To a new product in our shop:
In our shop online shop you can purchase the SDK Browser from the BITbyBIT Software Group. It costs 22,95 Euro and will be delivered by email.
You'll find more information about this product at BitbyBitSoftware.

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