New product by Individual Computers: Keyrah

Date 17-Dec-2005 5:23:03
Topic: Hardware News

Keyrah makes keyboards of classic computers available to new computers. The board fits the case of a C64, VIC-20, C128, C-16 or Amiga 1200, and turns the computer into a USB keyboard. Keyrah gives new life to defective computers, or computers that have been moved to a different case, because the mainboard is no longer needed. In addition to that, two digital joysticks can be connected that will act as additional keys (for example cursor keys). The joystick ports show a special strength of Keyrah: The high data transfer speed.

We followed the discussion about a newly produced USB-version of a classic joystick with great interest. Many customers have judged this joystick as unusable, because the reaction to any movement is too inert, thus making games unplayable. For the full gaming fun, Keyrah transfers it's data ten times faster than the USB version of that joystick!

As a special titbit for fans of the C64, we're using a switch that's almost identical to the one of the original computer. The only difference (not noticable to the user) is that it's lead-free, and therefore RoHS-conform. It switches between two keymaps that are either adjusted to the daily use under Windows, or especially for emulators like Vice and Amiga Forever.

Keyrah has been successfully tested with all common operating systems like Linux, Amiga OS, Mac OS and Windows. It works on desktop and laptop computers, but also on the X-Box. Keyrah is a standard USB human interface device, so proper function is also ensured with systems that are not mentioned here.

Keyrah will be available in february 2006, the price will be about 30,- EUR. The exact scope of delivery is not yet decided, we're investigating the possibilty to include a USB cable and tools for this price, so we can deliver a package that our customers are used to: Ready to go without additional equuipment.

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