DvPlayer 0.51 Released

Date 23-Dec-2005 1:51:20
Topic: Software News

I'm happy to announce that a new version of DvPlayer is now available on the DvPlayer Webpage. Registered users will receive their copy via E-Mail. If you don't please contact me.

Changes in this release:

- Added subtitle support (.srt and .sub files) with automatic subtitle loading

- Added Subtitle command line options and tooltypes (font name/size, position,
colour) and a new subtitle menu to allow loading/closing of subtitles

- Added animated dithering algorithm to 16-bit modes to improve quality
(apparent colour depth) and added NODITHER tooltype and command line option

- Volume slider could be updated by audioboost in fullscreen mode where it does not get put into the window leading to a crash

- Added possibility to use system fonts in DvPlayer Skins. Updated the skin
documentation to include information about this new feature.

- Fixed a memory leak bug in the avi code

- AudioBoost now doubles the volume too, instead of just extending the volume

- Fixed a bug causing wrong window size when skin was changed while a movie
was stopped

Enjoy this release and I wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

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