BarsnPipes OS4 ver. 0.6

Date 23-Jan-2006 18:06:10
Topic: Software News

Hello all,
BarsnPipes OS4 ver. 0.6 is out.

After Lyle Hazelwood has fulfilled his promise to work away on the CAMD-USB-MIDI drivers, it was the time, also to release a new version of BnP.

First of all I want to give may big thank to Lyle. I really know, how much efforts are neccessary, to make hardware-drivers - especially for USB. And he had done a really good job.

We worked together on MIDI. To enable the full use of the possibilities of Lyles new CAMD-USB-MIDI drivers I've made a flood of new MIDI-Tools.
Now you can use theoretical up to 8 USB-MIDI-Interfaces together at the same time, each interfaces with up to 16 ports (16 independet MIDI-lines - remember the TriplePlay has 3 independent MIDI-lines). This would result in the possibility to use 2048(!!) (16x16x8) independent MIDI-channels. Is this enough ? ...

Of course, there is much more, which I could do in the time since the ver. 0.5.

Not at last:
Michael Rees ( has given away for free the complete source-code of all it's programming-work for BarsnPipes, which he has made from 1989-1997.
This a incredible worthfull gift to the BarsnPipes community.
At this place I'll give him my very special thank.
I want to encourage you, if you find his work useful to write him a mail:
Big parts of it's material (2 linklibraries for Tool/Accessory programmers, and 11 Tools) I could already port to OS4. More follows.

Go to my homepage please.

There you also can read whats new and download the archive.
Attention: It's size is much increased and is now 8,5 MB!

Hopeful you enjoy the new version.

Kindly greatings

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