New versions of Scout, AmiDisk and Subversion for OS4 Available!

Date 15-Mar-2006 7:35:44
Topic: Software News

In light of recent debates over 'what is news,' I'm posting this as a combined News Item, as all 3 are fairly significant pieces of OS4 software, and I believe this is the first we've seen of subversion. Of course, in the event any software author wishes to do a news release on their own software, please do so!

Scout is a tool that allows you to monitor your computer system. It displays many different things -- like tasks, ports, assigns, expansion boards, resident commands, interrupts, etc. -- and you can perform some certain actions on them.

Scout was submitted to OS4Depot by Thore Böckelmann, ported by the Scout Open Source Team, and you can grab it here:
Scout is also available for MOS.

AmiDisk v1.04/OS4 was just released on OS4Depot, authored by FLORAC Roland.

Change Summary:

Handles mouse wheel.
Better vertical proportionnal gadgets handler.
Bug on the Comments handler corrected (didn't work for ALL files)
New prefs button to desactivate bubble help.
String gadget path bug corrected (didn't work when the tab wasn't active).

Subversion is a 'next generation CVS' of sorts, and becoming quite popular for source control. The port was done by Olaf Barthel, the original by the Subversion team. Grab it here: OS4Depot info link

An Online Subversion book is also available as HTML or PDF.

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