3-Cag Meeting this coming Sunday !

Date 22-Mar-2006 17:47:27
Topic: Events

It's this time again...

This Sunday (26/03/2006) at 11:30 in Peteborough, you will have the opportunity to kick my back side with all you've got!

Come to the 3-Counties-Amiga-Group (3-Cag) meeting to play FreeSpace on LAN !
You will also see various AmigaOne XE setups as well as MicroA1 (Mickey_C are you coming with your baby ?)... But most of all, You will have a great time along with fellow amigans!
Last time the temperature was so much higher than at the previous meeting, and I'm sure it will be the same at this one (Paul, don't forget the Gaz Can...).


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