New 51.54 IDE/SATA driver pack on os4depot

Date 1-Apr-2006 18:22:51
Topic: Software News

This 51.54 driver set is to be installed over an OS4 update 4 system (with or
without the 51.51 driver pack pre-installed).

These drivers address a couple of issues which arose after the OS4 update 4 release, which were not completely fixed in the 51.51 pack:
- the "strange pause" problem with sii0680 was not fully fixed
- a minor bug in IDETool (would not "-r" or "-d" some CD/DVD drives)

Just copy the files from "Kickstart/" to the directory where you store your kickstart modules (usually "SYS:Kickstart/"), and cold reboot.

If you have found the alien easter egg driver, and want to try it, do not forget to add it to your kicklayout, and to read the corresponding doc (you may have to set an uboot envvar to have your board recognized).

If you want to purchase a supported board, please head up to the hardware sponsors who supplied the boards used to develop those drivers:

Enjoy !-)

This informal interim release has been considered opportunate by the author since the OS4 components concerned are somehow critical.

This release is made on the author's goodwill basis.
It is not to be considered as official Hyperion Entertainment software.
Use at your own risk ; do not use if you do not want to.
Do not waste your time spilling comments everywhere about this "illegitimate nonprofessional release process", especially if you do not use AmigaOS4. Same would go for the use of a ZIP archive, which works perfectly on OS4.

Kind regards,
Stéphane Guillard

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