AmigaOne: Centralized order for Onboard-Soundchip

Date 10-Apr-2006 22:39:08
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AmigaOne: Centralized order for Onboard-Soundchip
The AC97 soundchip (Sigmatel STAC9752T) installed on the first few batches of AmigaOne motherboards has been removed in later production runs as it seemed that it wouldn't work anyway due to a hardware bug.

But Davy Wentzler and Stephen Brookes proved later on that the problem could be solved in software and released a working audio driver.

Until now, people that wanted to fit the missing chip onto their AmigaOne motherboard were facing the problem that said chip didn't seem to be available anymore. Costel 'Cyborg' Mincea now found a dealer that still has the Sigmatel STAC9752T in stock.

The final price for one single Sigmatel STAC9752T chip depends on the volume of the order, this is why Mincea now asks all interested users to contact him until 17.April via e-mail and tell him the quantity they would be interested in. Mincea stresses the fact that this email is not a real order, he only needs to gauge the actual demand to to get a quotation from the dealer.

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