DvPlayer v0.54 Released

Date 20-Apr-2006 9:43:18
Topic: hardware OS4

A new version of DvPlayer is now available on the DvPlayer Webpage. Registered users will receive their copy via E-Mail. If you don't please contact me.

Mirror #1
Mirror #2

Changes in this release:

- Added direct DVD support
- Added automatic detection of CD/DVD drive (no need to specify device name/unit anymore)
- Added support for the new 64bit DOS functions so that files >2GB are now handled correctly
- Implemented the I/O plugin system and moved the DVD/VideoCD support to an external plugin
- Screen Blanker is now not allowed to activate while playing
- Implemented AppWindow support so files can be dragged onto DvPlayer's window
- Now the previous filename is remembered in the file requester when opening files
- Window is now opened on the frontmost screen (if it's public) instead of the Workbench screen so that if it's started from a different screen it will open there.
- Improved 6-Channel to Stereo audio conversion routines to avoid distortions which appeared with a few DVDs
- Fixed NOTRIPLEBUFFER option (was broken when subtitle support was added)
- Fixed sound distortions with interleaved AVI files
- Now ensures that only complete frames are sent to the video decoder for AVI files. This should fix the problems with partially downloaded AVI files.
- Fixed a bug in the subtitle code which caused memguard hits
- Fixed a serious bug in GUI loading (thanks to memguard)
- Fixed a nasty bug in the exit code which could cause random crashes

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